Combining technology with innovation into solutions that enable companies to meet their goals.

About Us

Our business is to deliver software solutions, products and IT services that satisfy our customers’ requirements and enables them to meet their business goals.

Enterprise Software
Since February 2000, EBS has delivered turn-key IT solutions that:

  • support and improve the efficiency of business processes and flows
  • minimize operational costs and TCO
  • integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure
  • easily follow changing business requirements
  • offer high expandability, scalability and the elasticity required for handling fluctuating load
  • support open standards and high interoperability with other systems
  • are based on 100% open source software or mix commercial & FLOSS infrastructure

Open Source Software Expertise
We are a team with a strong focus on open source software:

  • we have been building complex, business critical software systems based on open source infrastructure software for more than a decade
  • we contribute to various open source projects and actively maintain EBS-driven open source projects (gss, igss, firegss, gssdroid)
  • we help customers minimize TCO of IT investments by selecting the appropriate open source alternatives
  • we offer consulting, training and customization services.

Cloud and mobile applications
Since inception, EBS has acquired significant practical experience and expertise in designing and delivering scalable, distributed systems. As a natural evolution of these endeavours, our team delved early into cloud computing and elastic software systems as well as NoSQL data stores. Since 2007, EBS designs and delivers complex software systems for private or public cloud infrastructure (like Amazon AWS, Google Appengine) that successfully meet customer requirements and growing usage patterns. Combined with mobile clients (Android / iOS applications) we can develop and deliver cloud-based SaaS applications for custom needs.

Java Expertise
We have a real passion with Java technologies!

Solutions & Products

EBS has delivered and provides e-solutions for custom requirements in the following areas:

Workflow management for supporting complex business processes
Sales management – Order receiving and processing
Stock management – Supply chain management
Electronic sales – B2C/B2B transaction management systems
Intranet Portals / Enterprise Information Portals
Document management – Content management
Groupware and Colaboration
Human resources management (including training management)
Legal process management
e-Learning / e-Training

Our team has significant experience and expertise in the following technological areas:

Java / JavaEE technologies, products, frameworks and APIs
Development and operation of scalable, elastic systems for the cloud
Enterprise Application Integration
Mobile applications (Android, iOS)
Open source software
Social and community applications
Content management and e-commerce

Contact Us

Leoforos Kifisias 27, Athens 115 23, Greece
Phone: (+30) 210 674 7631
Fax: (+30) 210 691 6121
Email: info [at] ebs [dot] gr